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Harvard Business Review: The Danger of Vaccine Nationalism

Drs. Rebecca Weintraub & Asaf Bitton on the importance of effectively and equitably distributing a COVID-19 vaccine once developed.

Crowdsourcing Against Coronavirus: The COVID Translate Project’s Mission to Spread Knowledge Worldwide

Ruby Kwak of the Global Learnings South Korea team shares the origins and growth of the COVID Translate Project.

New York Times: When Can I See My Grandkids?

Dr. Asaf Bitton comments on strategies that families can take to begin seeing each other during the pandemic.

PBS NewsHour: How the pandemic is reshaping hospital architecture and design

Neel Shah speaks with PBS NewsHour about Ariadne's partnership with Mt. Sinai Hospital and MASS Design to protect health care workers.

Our mission is to develop simple, scalable solutions that dramatically improve the delivery of health care at critical moments to save lives and reduce suffering. The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly become the most critical moment in everyone’s lives, and with it, comes the need for innovative solutions. On this website, we present resources, perspectives from faculty and staff, and highlights from media coverage.

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