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Joanna Paladino

MD  Director of Implementation, Serious Illness Care Program

Dr. Paladino is a palliative care physician, implementation specialist, educator, and researcher. Under her direction the Serious Illness Care Program at Ariadne Labs has developed an evidence-based program that includes communication tools, clinician training, and systems-changes. Dr. Paladino’s research in a randomized controlled trial in oncology demonstrates that the program leads to more, earlier, and better conversations about patients’ values and goals in serious illness, as well as significant improvements in patient well-being. The team has developed a COVID-19 Response Toolkit to support health systems and clinicians in addressing the communication needs of COVID-19 patients in the community and those in the hospital. The toolkit includes resources for these patients to begin having these conversations with people they trust within their support networks.

Areas of Expertise:
Seniors and vulnerable populations
Palliative care

From Dr. Paladino

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