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Woman receiving a vaccine from a doctor.

Vaccine Delivery

As governments and industry invest unprecedented resources in discovery and manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines, it is clear that vaccinating everyone in every corner of the globe will require even more. It will require robust delivery systems to make sure the vaccines reach the most vulnerable. And even so, for the foreseeable future, the vaccines will be in very scarce supply.

The Vaccine Delivery team at Ariadne Labs is leveraging years of studying delivery systems to identify problems in vaccine delivery and capture solutions to support health officials and decision makers with tools and evidence to allow them to plan carefully to ensure that vaccines are distributed efficiently and equitably to the people most in need.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also highlighted the need for technical advice and clear, clean data that allow decision makers to understand those who they serve. The Vaccine Delivery team at Ariadne Labs helps gather and expand access to essential data, explain how to interpret and use it, and engage intersectoral leaders to promote equitable vaccine allocation and support the use of data for good.




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