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COVID-19 Crisis Mode: Building Resilience

As COVID-19 strains the US health care system, caring for the mental health and resilience of front line health care workers is paramount especially to minimize moral injury and burnout. This guide provides strategies to help health care workers build resilience in extreme conditions by recognizing the crisis, sharing their voice, connecting with a front line buddy, and adopting a mantra. 

The accompanying guide for managers offers strategies that leaders can employ to actively promote a culture that supports effective coping and recognizes the importance of mental health.  

This tool was developed based on available literature and expert opinion. Ariadne Labs plans to formally evaluate the effects of the tool by collecting real-time feedback from users. If you would like to share your feedback, please email

COVID-19 Crisis Mode for Leaders and Managers - Leaders and Managers can support others by actively promoting their mental health can play an important role in their ability to cope.

If you would like to share your feedback, please email

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