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The Global Mass Vaccination Site Collaborative

An Essential Network to Support 200 Million Vaccinations in 100 Days

The speed of development and evaluation of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines has far exceeded expectations, but many leaders face ongoing uncertainty in delivering the COVID-19 vaccines with speed, scale, and equity. Conventional healthcare sites will not be sufficient to achieve rapid enough vaccination to stop the pandemic, and mass vaccination sites—like stadiums, arenas, convention centers—are proving essential, helping to close the gap between vaccines distributed and administered throughout the world. 

Leaders of existing mass vaccination sites have encountered various challenges, like information system platforms, reimbursement, logistics, patient flow, and indoor vs outdoor considerations. Lower degrees of vaccine confidence and significant inequity in vaccine distribution disproportionately affect people of color and continue to plague delivery. 

With President Biden’s announcement that all states will open vaccination eligibility to all adults by May 1, we are likely to see a greater push for sites of all kinds, including mass vaccination sites.  With new sites coming online and already established sites looking to address challenges and refine approaches, it is a critical time to share successes, challenges, and solutions in a rapid, seamless, open format to benefit all. 

To meet the needs of mass vaccination site operators, Ariadne Labs has launched the Global Mass Vaccination Site Collaborative to facilitate rapid information exchange to improve impact and safely deliver vaccinations to more people.

Our approach:

  • Host a weekly information exchange call.
  • Establish and moderate a Cloud-based platform for secure document exchange.
  • Create a Slack channel for rapid crowdsourcing key questions and answers
  • Organize white papers on various topics and challenges for rapid dissemination.
  • Contact organization and venue operators (e.g., NFL. MLB, NCAA, NASCAR) to establish a dissemination plan aligned with their existing routines to amplify knowledge and lower barriers to implementation.

Are you operating a mass vaccination site and interested in joining us? Please complete this contact form, and our team will follow up with more information.

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